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How to install the software

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In order to use our book scanner, you need some software that is able to reorder the pages, fix their orientation, enhance their readability, recognize the text within them, and finally bind them into a single portable document. To do the job, there are of course several commercial applications – e.g., Adobe Acrobat –, though these are usually quite expensive. On the other hand, there are as well many free programs that accomplish the same tasks, producing results that well bear comparison with those of the commercial solutions. The only downside is that they are often more difficult to install and use than their commercial counterpart, for they may require developer tools which don’t come pre-installed on every systems, or may consit in so-called “command-line” utilities (i.e., lacking a graphical user interface or GUI).

To transform the photos into a digital book, Homer makes use of an array of free, open-source softwares to tackle specific tasks, all of which are already available online. It just adds two simple things: first, it provides an automatic “installer” that makes the process of setting up almost effortless; second, it brings together the various pieces of software into a single workflow that automatically rearranges the images, applies the optical character recognition (OCR) engine, and finally merges the files into a single, searchable PDF.

Here you will find Homer’s donwload links for Windows and Mac OS X[1]. You can read the complete list of the programs included the packages at the Documentation page (see the section for Windows and Mac). Before using the installer, we strongly recommend to check that none of the included programs are already installed on your machine, to avoid accidentally overwriting them (the script isn’t clever enough yet). If you have already installed any of those programs, you should probably be expert enough to manage without an automatic installer.

When you are ready, select the package that is compatible with your operating system and download it on your computer, then follow the relative instructions.


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