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Home Page: Homer Book Scanner


Homer is a package of hardware and software that provides an inexpensive and efficient solution to scan books (read more about the project).

On this site you will find information on how to use Homer, as well as how to contribute to it.

You can browse through this wiki's list of content or download it offline as PDF.

The video below gives a quick overview of Homer.


Homer, a nod to the Gutenberg press from Sojournposse on Vimeo.


The "prototype" is based on a previous model developed by Daniel Reetz and Matti Kariluoma. Dan is also the founder of an online community where participants share their knowledge and passion for do-it-yourself book scanning, which is where we drew most of our original inspiration.

About this project








Dear Homer users, we are no longer able to maintain the Homer script for future Windows and Mac OS X updates, or for different platforms (eg, Linux). However, since this is an open project, we welcome you all to participate and help updating the script. You are also welcome to participate at the DIY Book Scanner Forum: http://diybookscanner.org/forum/



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